5 New October & November Great Wolf Lodge Deals Are Now Available!
I highly recommend to BOOK OVER THE PHONE by calling 1-866-949-9653 and telling the agent your desired date and code. You can book Online, but if you make one search error, it will say it is sold out even if isn’t.

Please Note: I can NOT get any more rooms for the dates listed below. If you want a date, book it RIGHT AWAY! Last time they were gone in 22 hours!

The reason the Friday dates are more expensive than the Sunday dates, is because they are both over Holiday weekends. One is Halloween Weekend which is so much fun because they get to trick or treating around the hotel, and the other one is on Thanksgiving long weekend.

I hope you enjoy the hotel!


•Friday October 9, 2015 (Thanks Giving Weekend)
*10 family suites available at $239.99 plus tax ($80 savings)
*10 wolf dens at $289.99 plus tax ($60 savings)

•Sunday October 18, 2015
*20 family suites at $174.99 plus tax

•Friday October 30, 2015 (Halloween Weekend)
*10 wolf den at $239.99 plus tax ($160 savings)
*10 kid cabin at $269.99 plus tax ($160 savings)

•Sunday November 1, 2015
*20 family suites at $184.99 plus tax

•Sunday November 15, 2015
*20 family suites at $174.99 plus tax

Entertain Kids on a Dime - group booking info at Great Wolf Lodge - Oct 9, Oct 18, Oct 30, Nov 1, Nov 15


Again, please note that once these rooms are SOLD OUT, I can NOT get any more rooms for those dates. The next time I get dates, I will post them.

If you have READ EVERYTHING above, and still have a question you can contact me HERE



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