Father’s Day Craft Ideas

This message is to MY HUBBY, if you are reading this, Please don’t! You will be surprised on Sunday.


The kids and I are gearing up for a nice Father’s Day weekend. I created two crafts with the kids. I did most of the work because they are small, but that is okay! They drew and decorated little Father’s Day cards, and I went to Chapters and bought a Berenstain Bears Daddy book and an “All about Daddy” book. ¬†Here are the cool crafts we created this week.


For this activity, you need to pre-write your story on scrap paper. What I would do is make a list of chocolate bars or candy and create a story from them. Feel free to use mine or steal some ideas if you are stumped with this project.

What You’ll Need
Thick, large, white hard foam-like paper (you will find it next to the bristol board at the Dollarama)
Chocolate Bars (they cost $0.70 at the Dollarama)
Permanent Thin Sharpie Marker
Glue Gun

Write your story on rough paper. Then write your story with your permanent markers on the large board. Make sure to leave enough space to put the chocolate bars.
Glue the chocolate bars on the page with the glue gun.
Once it is dry, go hide it somewhere and surprise your husband, father or grandfather on Sunday :)


*T-shirt Car Track


This gift is a really fun idea to make Dad. You create a road on the back of a t-shirt and include places he likes. We made a route from my husband’s home to work. We added a bridge, trees, mail box, a park and you can not forget the beer store!
The fun part is, when Dad wears his shirt and lies down on his stomach, the kids can go get their play cars and use the track.
The cars will massage his back! The kids are kept busy and Daddy is realxed. This is a win-win Situation!

What You’ll Need
Men’s white t-shirt (I bought one at the Dollarama for $3)
Sharpie/permanent thin markers (you can buy a few packs at the dollarstore, make sure there are black and silver among basic colours. You may need two silver markers to colour in your track).

Lay your t-shirt flat out on the table.
Place a hard book or magazine inside the shirt. This will prevent the colours from seeping through to the other side of the shirt.
On the front, we just wrote “Daddy.”
Turn the t-shirt over to the back side. Draw the road and little “attractions” around it. Colour it in. When Daddy is given the shirt, make sure to make him put it on and let the kids play with their cars on his back.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!






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  1. Melissa
    So cute Jen! Cant wait until Lyla is older so we can use some of your ideas!
    Reply June 9, 2014 at 4:51 pm

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