Month: June 2014

Outdoor Obstacle Course

Here is a great idea on how to make a Do It Yourself Obstacle Course. You don’t need to do it exactly the way I did it. You can get creative with some of items around your house. I purchased all of my items from the Dollarama and the slide I already had in my backyard. What I love about the pool noodles is that you can reuse the arcs as a ball hockey or soccer net. You can also change the order of your obstacle course each time you put them out.

*Outdoor Obstacle Course



*What You’ll Need
2 Balls (the non-licensed ones are cheaper)
6 Hula Hoops (the smallest ones are $1)
5 Pool Noodles ($2 each at Dollarama)
1 Full Roll of Duct Tape (Dollarama)
2 Packs of Large Tent Pegs ($1 each at the Dollarama)


Put out 5 of the rings
Put the first hoop down. Then two hoops under it and another two hoops under that. Make sure they are touching each other.



How to create a double balance beam
Cut a pool noodle in half with a bread knife.
Take the half of pool noodle and cut it length wise so you end up with two long pieces. Put the two halves next to each other and lay them flat on the grass. Take two tent pegs. Put one peg on the front of each noodle. Push the peg into the ground to keep it on place.



How To Create An Arc
Place two peg ends (not the sharp side) SOFTLY on the bottom of each side of the noodle.
Place the first end into the ground (NOTE: Hold the noodle up and push the peg inside the grass. The peg should only be halfway in the noodle or else it will get stuck inside and it will be a pain)
Repeat with the other side.
You can create as many as you want.
Little Toddlers can crawl under them and bigger kids can jump over them.



How to create a ball through the hoop
Take one pool noodle and cut it in half across the middle, so you are left with two pieces.
Put a hula hoop in between them and use duct tape to secure the hoop to the noodles.
Place the first end into the ground (NOTE: Hold the noodle up and push the peg inside the grass. The peg should only be halfway in the noodle or else it will get stuck inside and it will be a pain).
Repeat with the other side.
Take a ball and toss it through the hole.



How to create a ring toss
Take one pool noodle and cut it in half across the middle, so you are left with two pieces.
Take one noodle and bend it to make a circle. Use duct tape to tape the two ends together.
Put a peg in the ground.
Throw the ring over the peg.



A Good Ending
We used a slide that we had in our backyard for the end of the course.
Other ideas you can use are:
A slip and slide
A baby pool filled with water to jump in
A baby pool filled with cut up pool noodles or balls to jump in
A bucket of water to pour on themselves.
You get creative!!!
My kids kept running through the course at their own pace. With older kids, you could use a stop watch and time them to see how fast they can go.


Below are pictures of my kids enjoying the Obstacle Course. My niece joined in too but she was camera shy :)









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DIY Easy Body Scrub



Do you have any gifts to get for a female family member or a teacher? For us teacher gifts get costly because my daughter is in Kindergarten and has 4 of them. We needed to think of something creative and thoughtful. So we decided to make our own body scrub. It is easy and very cost efficient, plus you will know and all of the ingredients inside of it. What is nice is that your kids can help you make this. My daughter and I made a tag to attach on the body scrub. I had her write her teacher’s name on the front of the tag (she is only 4) and I wrote the ingredients on the back. You could always add a tin of homemade cookies with this gift. I didn’t make cookies because I would literally eat the whole tray after baking them. I am really bad with sweets! Here is the scrub recipe below. I listed the cheapest place to get the items if you don’t have them laying around your pantry. This stuff smells soooo good!

What You’ll Need (Enough for 1 Jar)
2 Cups of brown sugar ($1 at Dollarama)
1 Cup of granulated sugar ($1 at Dollarama. One pack can be used to make two servings)
1 tbsp of pure vanilla extract (Your local grocery store or big box store)
1 cup of olive oil ($2 at Dollarama)
A ribbon (At Dollarama)
A large Mason jar ($1.50 at Dollarama)

In a bowl mix the brown sugar and granulated sugar. Mix until blended. Add the vanilla and the oil. Mix it up.


Spoon it in to your jar. Close the jar.
Tie ribbon around the jar. For a more personal touch, cut out a tag and hole punch it or tape a ribbon to it. If your child is old enough you can get them to write their teacher’s name on it and write the ingredients on the back.




Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag
Homemade Ice Cream In A Bag

Forget Baskin Robbins here!!! This is fresh homeade ice-cream made in under 10 minutes! With Summer around the corner I figured this would be a great time to post this exciting recipe. This activity was so much fun for me to do with the kids. I didn’t believe this could work but it did! It’s cheap, easy, and tasty.

Homemade Easy Ice Cream In A Bag


What You’ll Need
2 Large Freezer Bags
Ice -Enough ice to fill 1/2 of one large freezer bag
1/2 cup of salt (this doesn’t go in the actual ice cream) kosher salt works faster but you can use regular salt if you have that in your pantry.
1L carton of half and half cream (1 cup of cream per person in your family)
2 tbsp of sugar per person in your family
1/2 tsp of vanilla extract per person on your family
Cones or your favourite ice cream toppings

In freezer bag # 1, fill half the bag with ice
Add the salt in the bag
Put it aside


In freezer bag # 2, add the cream, vanilla and sugar.
Take out the access air and seal the bag.
Put the sealed cream bag inside of the ice and salt bag.
Seal the bag and shake the bag for 5-8 minutes until your ice cream hardens.

When finished, open the bag and serve in a cone or in a cup with toppings.

We were all amazed!





Father’s Day Craft Ideas

This message is to MY HUBBY, if you are reading this, Please don’t! You will be surprised on Sunday.


The kids and I are gearing up for a nice Father’s Day weekend. I created two crafts with the kids. I did most of the work because they are small, but that is okay! They drew and decorated little Father’s Day cards, and I went to Chapters and bought a Berenstain Bears Daddy book and an “All about Daddy” book.  Here are the cool crafts we created this week.


For this activity, you need to pre-write your story on scrap paper. What I would do is make a list of chocolate bars or candy and create a story from them. Feel free to use mine or steal some ideas if you are stumped with this project.

What You’ll Need
Thick, large, white hard foam-like paper (you will find it next to the bristol board at the Dollarama)
Chocolate Bars (they cost $0.70 at the Dollarama)
Permanent Thin Sharpie Marker
Glue Gun

Write your story on rough paper. Then write your story with your permanent markers on the large board. Make sure to leave enough space to put the chocolate bars.
Glue the chocolate bars on the page with the glue gun.
Once it is dry, go hide it somewhere and surprise your husband, father or grandfather on Sunday :)


*T-shirt Car Track


This gift is a really fun idea to make Dad. You create a road on the back of a t-shirt and include places he likes. We made a route from my husband’s home to work. We added a bridge, trees, mail box, a park and you can not forget the beer store!
The fun part is, when Dad wears his shirt and lies down on his stomach, the kids can go get their play cars and use the track.
The cars will massage his back! The kids are kept busy and Daddy is realxed. This is a win-win Situation!

What You’ll Need
Men’s white t-shirt (I bought one at the Dollarama for $3)
Sharpie/permanent thin markers (you can buy a few packs at the dollarstore, make sure there are black and silver among basic colours. You may need two silver markers to colour in your track).

Lay your t-shirt flat out on the table.
Place a hard book or magazine inside the shirt. This will prevent the colours from seeping through to the other side of the shirt.
On the front, we just wrote “Daddy.”
Turn the t-shirt over to the back side. Draw the road and little “attractions” around it. Colour it in. When Daddy is given the shirt, make sure to make him put it on and let the kids play with their cars on his back.

Happy Father’s Day Everyone!






Frozen Crafts

For those of you who have little children who like the movie Frozen, you will understand that it is very difficult to buy the frozen toys in the stores.
I had a trial and error craft that didn’t make it on to my post. I created Olaf and Elsa snow globes and used baby oil for the liquid. No matter how much tape and glue gun sticks I used, I couldn’t properly seal the globe (plastic container). It kept leaking. I threw them out. I didn’t post this activity so I can save you a headache.

Here are my two fun Frozen inspired crafts that made it on this post that you can do with your children.

*”Do You Wanna Build A Snowman” Snack

This snack is fun if you have kids over or to do as a craft for a winter or frozen inspired themed birthday party.

What You’ll Need
Marshmellows (I used regular and large sized. Don’t bother buying 2 kinds unless you are doing it for a party or play date. You can always buy the big bag and cut different sizes for your snow man)
A piece of dried fruit stick or a fruit roll up cut in a thin strip (for the scarf)
Smarties (for the buttons)
Box of Mike & Ike candy or candy
2 chocolate chips or 2 raisins or 2 mini m&ms for the eyes
corns (for the “carrot” nose)
2 pretzel sticks (for the arms)
2 pretzel sticks to hold up the body
White icing- optional (if you are hosting a party I would definitely use the icing to make it stick better)

On a plate, put down your first bottom body marshmallow part of your snow man.

Stick a pretzel stick 3 quarters through the marshmallow and put the next layer of the body.
Stick a pretzel through the second layer and add the third layer (the head) of the body.
Use the icing to help you stick on the eyes, nose, buttons, arms and scarf.

Enjoy your treat!




*Elsa Snowflake


Do this activity outside! Since there are sparkles involved I recommend doing this craft in your backyard.

What You’ll Need
4 small Popsicle sticks
White glue
Glue gun (recommended for young kids for the parents to hold it better together)
Blue or white sparkles
A frozen character sticker or print one yourself online.
A thin piece of ribbon or string- optional (to hang your snowflake up)

If you have small kids, place your glue gun on the middle of your Popsicle stick. Put another one on to make an “X”.
Put glue on the middle of that one and put it in the middle of the “X”.
Then put glue in the middle and put that across. It will look like a snow flake.
If you want to hang it, take your string or ribbon and glue it to the top of your flake.
Once the glue dries, let your child shmear white glue with a Popsicle stick all over it.
With help from Mom or Dad, help them sprinkle their sparkles on top.
Blow the sparkles off the plate. Make sure the sparkles stick to the middle.
Take an frozen character sticker or a print out and stick it in the middle of the snow flake. (This part was my 4 year old daughter’s idea).
Let your masterpiece dry and enjoy!