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Throwing A Birthday Party On A Dime
Throwing A Birthday Party On A Dime




1) Throwing a party at home is a good way to save venue rental fees.

2) Make your party between meals. A great time to have a party is 2pm-4pm. Then you only have to serve snacks instead of a full meal to your guests.

3) If your child is of age, make your party a “drop off” party. That way you don’t have to feel obligated to buy the adults food.

4) Make your party theme around a food or art craft. You can use the kid’s finished crafts or cooking creation as a take home gift.


THEME PARTY IDEAS (Most can be modified for different ages):

-Play games like dance freeze or musical chairs
-Create a choreographed dance for the kids to learn and present
– Make your own CDs or an iPod play list with Top 40 songs. Dim down the lights and give the kids glow sticks and have them free style dance.
-You can make personalized CDs of you child’s favourite songs for the loot bag. You can also add an instrument or more cool glow sticks as a take home gift.

You can buy art supplies from Dollar Stores, Michael’s, Target and Walmart
-Decorate tees, aprons or hats with puffy paint or fabric markers
-Pottery painting
-Tie dying
-Gingerbread house decorating
-Canvas painting
-Candle making
Loot Bags would be their creations.

-Make cup cakes or small cakes
-Give the children icing and candy to decorate their cupcakes and put them in a box to take home.
-Have an interactive “make your own” meal like tacos or a pasta bar.
-Loot bags could be their cupcakes and you can buy aprons or baking supplies from the Dollarama to add to their loots.

-Buy each child a bowl, nail polish, manicure kit, hand cream and a hair accessory.
-Have some adult family members or friends help you out to fill the bowls with water and give the kids manicures or pedicures and apply nail polish and cream.
-You can do make-up applications and hair styles.
-For the loot bag, send the kids home with their bowls, manicure kit, hand cream, nail polish and hair accessory.

-Have the kids come dressed in princess attire.
-Buy supplies at the dollar store to make and decorate wands and crowns.
-You can do a fashion show with the kids in their costumes or watch a Disney princess movie.
-Make the kids a tea party with warm fruit flavoured tea, little sandwiches and small treats.
-Your bags can be their wands, crowns and add a few Disney princess trinkets (ie bubbles, sun glasses and colouring books).

-Have the children come dressed in their pyjamas.
-Go to Walmart or the dollar store and buy pillow cases and pillows. Get the children to decorate the pillow cases with puffy paint or fabric markers.
-Put on a movie for the kids and serve them popcorn.
-The Loot Bags would be the pillows in the decorated pillow cases.

-Movie Trivia Game (you can find animated movie trivia questions online).
-Put on a family movie.
-Hand out popcorn, candy, and soft drinks.
-For the loot bags go to Walmart in the movie section and pick up $5 family movies to send home with each child.

-Cape and mask making. You can find supplies at Your local Dollarama.
-You can cut pillow cases or buy towels and stick them with sticky velcro (found in the craft aisle).
-Find an adult family or friend’s superhero costume and surprise the kids.
-Watch a super hero movie.
-Make white ice cream sundaes with red and blue toppings for Spider-Man.
-Loot bags can be the capes, masks and a super hero colouring book.

-Go to the dollar store, Walmart, or Michaels and buy two different colour T-shirts. One colour for one team and another for the other.
-Give the kids puffy paint or fabric markers. Have them put their last names and choose a number to go on the back of their shirts.
-You can throw in sporting items like a ball, glove or hockey stick to take home with their T-shirts.
-If the weather is on your side you could put the kids in your yard for a game of soccer or capture the flag. If the weather doesn’t work you could put the kids in their teams and do a sports trivia contest.

-Have some adult family members and friends help you run the party.
-Create your own games by going to the Dollarstore to buy the supplies.
-Games can include: Throw the ball and hit the cans, ring toss, bean bag toss in the hole, bowling, fortune teller, borrow a jumping castle from a friend, pin the nose on the clown and face painting.
-Go to the dollar store and buy mini popcorn containers and cotton candy filled containers.
-Buy a roll of tickets. Give each child a roll of tickets for each booth and a bag. For each game played the child receives a small prize which goes in their loot bag. (Party City has small cheap little prize toys).
-Send the children home with their loot bag and a container of cotton candy.


If you don’t want the mess at your home, you will want to find a party place that offers a cheap package that consists of food, cake, paper plates, cutlery, balloons and loot bags.


1) MCDONALDS (All over the GTA)
You can throw a party for your child at McDonalds for $10 per child. They reserve your tables by the playground. Each child gets a happy meal and loot bag. This package also includes a cake.



1) LOBLAWS (All over the GTA)
The cost for a Loblaws pizza party is approximately $20 per child. This includes the pizza the kids cook and eat for their meal. They also will colour their own baking hats and decorate a big cake or cupcakes, which becomes their goodie bags to take home as a party favour.


2) MESS FOR FUN (North York)
Weekday party
If you can throw your party on a weekday, this is a good deal for you. The kids will have fun in the Indoor Playground, and a will receive a food package, and add on loot bags.

73 Alness St #3, North York, ON M3J 2H2


3) CHUCKIE CHEESE (All over the GTA)
Full food and play package. For the basic package, add their cake and small loot bags. This will keep you in budget for a fun party.


Exploding Bags- Fun Science Experiment

* Exploding Bags- Fun Science Experiment


This activity was a lot of fun to do. I must warn you NOT to perform this experiment inside your home as it becomes messy when it explodes. Do it outside in places that can get a bit messy like your backyard or a park.  Bring a garbage bag for clean up. My kids were so fascinated with this. My daughter can still recite the ingredients that go into the lunch bag to make it explode. You do not have to use food colouring with this experiment. Your kids will still think it is cool without it.

What You’ll Need
A large plastic freezer bag
A small sandwich bag
Vinegar (enough to fill up a small sandwich bag)
2 cups of Baking Soda
Food Colouring (optional)

Pour baking soda in a large sandwich bag
Pour vinegar in a small sandwich bag. Add food colouring to the vinegar (optional)


Don’t close the vinegar bag. Put the whole small bag in the large bag. Shake in around for 5 seconds. Then drop it on the ground, move back a few feet and watch it inflate and explode.




Bubble Snakes (Outdoor Activity)

With the weather starting to get nice, I thought I would post a fun activity you can do in your yard with your kids. I found these bubble snakes all over Pintrest and I thought they looked so cool. My kids and I made them and they had a lot of fun.
I just want to give you a few tips before you make these. If you choose to use food colouring, I don’t recommend letting the kids handle it because it stains. If you have little ones, try to show them not to breathe in when blowing the bubbles. My 2 year old was fine but my 4 year old got a nice mouth full of soap.

*Bubble Snakes


What You’ll Need (per snake)
An empty water bottle
An old adult sock
Duct tape
Dish Soap
Food Colouring (Optional)

Cut off the bottom of the water bottle

Put the sock over the bottom of bottle
Tape the sock tightly to the bottle with the duct tape.

Take a bowl and put about 5 pumps of soap in it and add a small amount of water. Mix it around and take it outside.

Dip your bottom part of the bottle in the soapy mix and blow out the top of the bottle.
To add colours, put 2 drops of food colouring on the bottom of the sock, have them dip the bottle and blow coloured bubbles.






Dr. Seuss Activity Crafts # 1

My two kids love when I read them Dr. Seuss books, so it inspired me to make some fun activities. Even if your child doesn’t know all of the books mentioned, it will not matter when creating these crafts. If you have them, it would be fun to read them that day, but it is definitely not required.

*Wocket In My Pocket Scavenger Hunt
This scavenger hunt can be done in many ways.
For older kids you can get them to create their own characters instead of using the printouts. You can also write down the clues like a real scavenger hunt, and put a clue at each character’s hiding spot.
If your children can write and read themselves, you can have them create this for you. Mine is made for my 2 and 4 year old children, so you may have to modify this for your child’s age.


What You Will Need
6 Pieces of Blank Computer Paper
5 Print Outs (Listed below this activity) or you can give your kids 5 sheets of paper to draw their own Suess characters.
A Pen

Print out your 5 Dr. Seuss characters in the images listed below. Print them each separately. Make sure when you print them, that you click “OFF” the box that says “Fit Picture To Frame”. Then Print each one!
Have your children colour in each character.
Cut each character out.
You will plan your 5 hidden spots around the house. Then you come up with a silly ryhming words that match each hiding spot. Write them on paper. Hide them.

Here are some examples:
“There’s a Gano on my Piano”
“There’s a Nupboard in my Cupboard”
“There’s a Loset in my Closet”
Bring your kids together and tell them they have to find the 5 Dr. Seuss characters. For small kids like my 2 year old, I would have to read the full clue because he can’t rhyme yet. For my 4 year old, I can read her the clue and she can answer the rhyming word.
What is nice about this activity is that you can collect the characters, save them, and reuse them again for another activity. My kids loved it and after they hid them around the house and wanted me to find them.

Below are the pictures you can print for the Dr. Seuss Wocket Characters


0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 - Copy (2) 0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 - Copy 0dda03e296ed33bd073fd820916cc403 Theres-a-Wocket-in-My-Pocket - Copy Theres-a-Wocket-in-My-Pocket


Here is my Scavenger Hunt list you can copy as well.



They found one!



*Red Fish Blue Fish Snack
This looks gross but my kids thought it was so cool. Both kids finished their milk. So maybe I’m on to something. Maybe Natrel needs to come out with some blue milk.


Vanilla goldfish
Blue food colouring
Red food colouring
2 sandwich bags

Pour milk into a glass.
Add one small drop of blue food colouring.
Have your child mix their milk with a spoon and watch their drink turn blue.
Put a few goldfish in two sandwich bags.
Put a small drop of red in one bag and blue in the other one. Shake them around till they change colour.
Mix the coloured fish with the plain vanilla flavour.
Serve with the blue milk.

*You can also make blue jello and before you refrigerate them, drop in coloured gummy fish. After it is ready, the kids can eat and search for the little fish in their bowls.




Mothers Day Hand Print Crafts
Mothers Day Hand Print Crafts

With Mothers Day coming around the corner, I thought I would give some really adorable craft ideas. The best gift you can give someone on Mothers Day is a handmade gift. Any gift from the heart is better than anything you can buy! I have listed below 2 crafts that my kids and I made for their two grandmothers and two great grandmothers.  With both crafts I used Mod Podge on top of the canvas to make the art look glossy.  You do not have to do this. It is optional. I got it from Walmart for $10. Probably my most expensive item on here. It is highly recommended that you keep this product away from the kids. It gets messy and I am not sure if it comes off clothes.


What You’ll Need
2 sheets of standard paper
4 sheets of scrap book paper or nice wrapping paper
2 large canvases (from Dollarama)
Two acrylic paint colours (to match the scrap book paper)
Pen or pencil
Mod Podge (optional)

Take a piece of white or card stock paper.
Fold it in half.
Put your child’s hand on the page closer to the fold side with their thumb and one finger coming off the page.


Then Cut out the hand and open the picture.
If it doesn’t look like a heart you can fold it again and cut it so it does.
This is now your template for the rest of your art. I did it twice because I have two kids.


Take your scrap paper or piece of nice wrapping paper and fold it in half.
Trace your template hand on it toward the fold.
Cut that out. That is your heart hands.
Then have your children cover their canvas in two paint colours that will match your hand heart.


When they are done, let it dry.
Glue the heart hand to the canvas. If you have more then one child, glue one for each kid.

Optional: You can label the kids ages inside the heart with a sharpie marker or paint pen and you can cover the whole painting with modge podge to make it more shiny.




What You’ll Need
2 sheets of scrap book paper or nice wrapping paper
Card stock paper (that matches your scrap or wrapping paper)
2 small canvas
Mod Podge (Optional)

Take a piece of scrap paper or wrapping paper and trace over your child’s hand.
Cut it out and glue it to a small canvas.
Take a piece of card stock paper (that matches your design) and cut out a heart and label it with your child’s name and age.
Glue it on to the hand.
If you have more children, add each child’s hand to the canvas. If you have only one child, you can trace their foot and put it on to your second canvas.
Optional: Paint the art with modge podge to make it more shiny.


We decided to decorate gift bags with stickers that I bought from The Dollar Store.