5 Minute Prep: Car Racers

My two little ones are both home with me every afternoon. If I don’t entertain them, my day is much worse. I would rather happy kids then me playing referee while they fight over a toy. I was staring at a bunch of my left over paper towel rolls from my craft projects, and thought why not make car racers. It literally took me 5 minutes to create them and the kids had fun playing with this new creation. If you are making these with small children, make sure to put them away after usage because they may pick them up like swords and fight :)

*Paper Towel Car Racers*

*Paper Towel Car Racers*

What You Will Need
* 4 Whole Paper Towel Rolls
* Roll of masking tape
* Scissors
* Two mini toy cars in your home (you can also use marbles)

* Cut all for paper towel rolls length wise in half. Fold the sides so it looks like a gutter.
* Make two long tracks by taping 4 pieces of paper towel length wise together. Make sure you tape both sides of the paper towels. You may have to re-fold the sides again.
* You can put tape behind the tops of the tracks and lean them up against a chair, counter, wall, or couch.
* Let your children have fun racing.


My little munchkin modelling his car tracks.

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